Learn how to eliminate procrastination and feel productive... every single day!

  • Struggle with breaking a big, overwhelming task into small chunks?

  • Find yourself procrastinating wayyyy too much?

  • End each day wondering where time went, realising you got NOTHING done that you'd planned to?

  • Get distracted with small things and miss out the important steps that are gonna help you build the life you really want?

  • Watch other people around you being productive and feel like a failure as you have no idea how they do it?



If you answered YES to any of these questions, this masterclass training is for you!
Here's how it works...
In this 45 min masterclass, I'll be walking you through my step by step process to get productive and SQUASH procrastination.

You'll learn:  
  • My two step process to absolutely stop procrastination dead in its tracks
  • The exact structure your quarterly, weekly and daily tasks should take
  • A simple daily process to make sure you smash your to-do list and feel proud of yourself at the end of each day

PLUS I'll be showing you exactly how I have used this process over the last 2 years to build a six figure business whilst making sure I get plenty of sleep, spend quality time with my daughter and husband, have time to go to the gym AND still watch Netflix!

Start the masterclass instantly for just £14.99
wouldn't you love to go to bed each night without a to-do list swirling in your brain?
Hey! I'm Sarah Akwisombe, the founder of No Bull Business School.

I'll let you in on a secret - when I started this company I had ZERO plan for what I was doing. Processes SUCKED to me! Boring AF!

But I was spending all my time on silly tasks whilst not working on the important stuff. It was affecting my sanity and I never had any 'me time'.  

Now I've created a productivity technique which is simple and easy for anyone to do. Yes even you messy, 'I hate organisation' type people (because I used to be you!)