5 Reasons Simon Sinek is completely wrong about Millenials

5 Reasons Simon Sinek is completely wrong about Millenials
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Tonight, my aunt (who works as a corporate lawyer for Shell) sent me the Simon Sinek videos that is currently doing the round on facebook. The one about millenials and how they work… you’ve probably seen it ‘cos suddenly everyone’s talking about it. If not, here it is…

She wanted to know as someone both from the generation above and in a corporate company, how I as a millenial felt about Simon Sinek’s speech. I watched, and at first I thought, yeah I agree with 90% of this.

And then I let it sink in a bit.

And a bit more.

Then I changed my mind. 

I really hate when people get on their high horse about millenials and how we are addicted to technology. Yes we fucking are, it’s great! It’s awesome! It’s as awesome as say, you guys found the TV (1960-90s) or the newspaper (1940-60s). Every generation has their addictions. It’s just part of life, so saying that one or the other is going to cause XYZ problems is both pointless and annoying. Of course it will have it downsides and it will also have a hell of a lot of upsides. Let’s address those.

1. studies show that depression is higher in millenials


How about we are more likely to speak up and ask for help because the stigma around depression is slowly lifting, in many parts, thanks to social media and the internet. I for one in the past 2 months have had three very close male friends openly talk about having depression. Would this have happened in the 90s? NO. Why? Because the internet makes things ok to talk about. It gives you a safe space to say things to people you don’t know and removes all of the awkwardness and vulnerability that goes with it. It gives us a tiny, tiny chance to retain some dignity. Perhaps grow the courage to then speak out about it in person, as I have witnessed.

2. we wake up and check our phones before we say hi to our loved ones


So what?! Does this mean we love them any less? Umm….no. Will it make us love them any less over time? No.

It’s like when people say that if you hand write a note to someone it has more meaning than sending an email. No it fucking doesn’t. It’s the sentiment that counts, not the format (to sort of quote Mr Gary Vaynerchuck)

3. it stops you forming real, meaningful relationships


Simon’s example of this was how when we are waiting to go into a meeting we should be making meaningful conversation with the people we are sitting with instead of playing with our phones. But what if that person is a dickhead? Or just someone I don’t really fancy talking to? Why on earth would I want to form a meaningful relationship with them if basically, I couldn’t give a fuck about them or their life? I’d rather spend ten minutes talking to my hubby on whatsapp about whether we need a new bag of potatoes or if he could pick up toilet roll on the way home from work. That’s what you call meaningful.

The internet gives you a big world of awkward free social interaction that you can tailor to exactly what you want. Hell, if I had this when I was in high school then those days that all my friends decided that I wasn’t ‘cool’ anymore might not be so painful. If my daughter grows up and has no friends in high school but a bunch of friends online where she can actually be herself and indulge in what she loves I’d be happy. Because workplaces and schools are all a big shit show of weirdness anyway. You’re taken the piss out of for talking about your passions or your loves and your trained to ‘fit in’ (i.e dull your motherfucking shine).

Get online and shine away in the company of likeminded others my darlings. Why should we have to socially adapt to people we would never want to spend time with out of choice anyway? It’s bizarre to me.

4. it’s all superficial and people present a perfect version of their lives


Yes there are a hell of a lot of people hooked on social media due to insecurity, but those people would be like that anyway. If they can post a selfie online and get a few likes which maybe goes some way to giving them back some confidence, is that a bad thing?

It is superficial, but we know that. It’s only worrying if people DON’T know that.

The upside of this is that there is actually an undercurrent of people who are actively trying to break the superficialness of social media and give real value, make those meaningful relationships online that Simon says can only be made IRL (which I hope by now you have realised isn’t true). Hell, even brands are having to start to do this! The way marketing happens has completely changed (for the better in my opinion) and had to actively tune into what consumers want, need and expect from the companies they spend money with. Lord forbid a company has to show that they give a shit about the customer.

The parallels between corporate companies and how people present themselves on social media are pretty funny. You don’t see those corporates posting pictures of the environmental destruction they create, or the kids in sweat shops making their clothes, just in the same way I’m not gonna post a selfie with no makeup on and loads of spots. Let’s not pretend this is a new thing that millennial have created. You showed us how to do this.

5. the millenial generation is entitled


I don’t think so. I think what has actually happened is that we value ourselves a lot more than our older counterparts do in the workplace. we’ve seen a glimpse of the good life and god damit we’re gonna get a slice. You can’t get away with giving us a shitty office, a measly 30 min lunch break or a lack of maternity leave. Why? because we can see how other people have it good – thanks to social media.

Thanks to the internet and socials we can see that those folks over at google have ‘beanbags’ and ‘free food’ – which was scoffed at by Mr Sinek. Yes we want those things. Because we work differently, and because we actually deserve them. This is the new way of the workplace and if you’re bringing your stuffy old suit and tie nonsense to this new digital age you are going to very quickly lose the interest of the young millenials who will help to drag your corporate (sometimes kicking and screaming) into the future. Basically, you’re screwed without us, because we just lived through the biggest technological breakthrough since EVER. And we know how it works, we know the secret rules and you don’t. So yes, we deserve a bloody bean bag.

Corporates don’t like it because they are having to up their game and they can’t be bothered, or don’t want to put in the time and money.


Ok, wow that got me going! To finalise, of course I think that there are problems with all this great technology, It has its downsides. But so did watching 12 hours of TV a day or having your head buried in a newspaper. Lets stop finger pointing at millenials for just living in the way that we know how. There are things that every generation can learn from each other. 

Perhaps even via a facebook messenger chat, like me and my lovely Aunt. 

S x

P.S Simon, you can keep your £8. I have an alarm clock on my iPhone. Which is staying firmly plugged in next to my bed.

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