Be The Brand

It’s easy to brand a business… it’s not so easy to brand yourself!

Wish you had more confidence to ‘put yourself out there’ as the face of your business?

Want to have a bold, standout brand that attracts your ideal customers and clients?

Not sure how to brand yourself or how much personal you should mix in with your business?

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I've gone from recording artist to interior designer to entrepreneur.

How was I able to succeed in such varied industries? With a strong personal brand. Watch the video below to hear how I did it…

customers want to know the person behind the brand.

Nowadays there are so many small businesses and freelancers out there that you have to cut through the noise and make an impression that STICKS.

People want to connect with the person behind the brand! We’re over the big faceless corporates. We want to know who you are, what you like, how you make decisions and what are you like as a person to work with or buy from. It helps to build CUSTOMER TRUST and make you MEMORABLE.

In my new course ‘Be The Brand’ I’m teaching you everything I’ve learnt about personal branding and how you can build your confidence in being the face of your business!

In this course you'll learn how to:

// Really nail your brand and learn how to keep it consistent across all channels - this makes it easy to create content and keep up on social media

// Create a brand that is cult to you and your customers who rave about you to their friends and consider you a 'lifestyle choice' - EASY SALES!

// Become to 'go to' for X so that you don't have to spend ages trying to pitch yourself for opportunities - so they just come to you

// Get more confident being on camera or out there as the face of your business, so you won't worry so much about going for what you want!

The Lo Down : 'Since doing the course I have started my business and been fully booked. I've already made 85% of my total for the year!" - Dawn Kelly, Video producer

here's what to expect during the course...

Module 1 - Building a branding mindset

In module 1 you'll learn how to separate people's opinions of you as a business to their opinions of you as a person. How do we become the a face of our biz without taking things personally? It's all answered in this module which will help you get more confident and able to think about yourself as a kick-ass brand.

Module 2 - Your brand values

Having a bit of an identity crisis? Module 2 teaches you the foundations of building a strong brand - your values. You'll examine other companies that have the founder as the face of the business and what they are doing right. You'll also come away knowing your own set of brand values, authentic to you, that will attract and keep your ideal customers and clients.

Module 3 - Your Audience

We all know that without an audience we don't have a business, but can we train ourselves to see our brand and business through their eyes? How do we make sure we're not turning off our customers with our personal choices? You'll learn how to keep them excited and evangelistic about your brand so that they are proud to be a customer!

Module 4 - Your positioning

Brand positioning. It sounds a bit fancy doesn't it? All it means is where you are in the market in comparison to your competitors. How do we make sure we can be ourselves without being fake or cheesy? You'll learn how to make sure that you stand out amongst everyone else and stick in the minds of your customers when they are scrolling.

Module 5 - Your Style

Many people think that your logo and colour palette is as far as your brand goes. WRONG! It's so much more! However, they are an important part of your business so In module 5 we look at how important it is that your graphics and visual imagery fit your brand. We also learn how your personal styling can affect how your customers think of you and how to always show up 'on brand' (without it being extra faff!)

Module 6 - Your Story

How much of you should you put into your brand? How much is the right amount to share of your personal life whilst staying professional? I help you work out which parts of your story are relevant to your brand so that you feel confident being yourself within the business. You'll get more connected to your customers and clients and keep them for longer.

Module 7 - Putting yourself out there

After your 6 week training you'll know your brand inside out. But how do we get it out there? In module 7 I'll be sharing my personal tips on how to get yourself 'out there' as the face of your company. I'll be talking you through public speaking, showing up at events and how to get more confident on camera (while having fun in the process!)


Who is this course right for?

The course is designed for anyone who is the face of their business. That could be a freelancer, a small business owner, or influencers looking to build or grow a business by leveraging their personal brand.

How do I watch the content?

The course content is all recorded as videos, meaning you can watch each module in your own time!

How much time do I need to commit?

If you studied a module a week you would need about 1 hour per week to watch the videos and complete any optional challenges.

Can I get help from you as I go through the course?

Yes! We have a private facebook group for members where you can meet likeminded people and ask any questions that you'd like my feedback on. I'll also be popping in from time to time doing live Q&A sessions!

What if I don't have facebook?

That's fine! You will still be able to access the course content and downloadables just not the additional support inside the facebook group.

When does the course start?

This course is streaming now so you can get stuck in right away!

Do I need to complete the modules before starting the next one?

No. You can watch in your own time and there are no deadlines to complete. You have lifetime access to the course content once enrolled so you can even come back to it in a year's time if you need a refresher.

Do you offer any payment plans?

Yes! I know how important it is to budget your expenses, so if you'd like you can split the payment of the course over 4 months.

How do I signup?

You can enrol at the bottom of this page.

in this 7 week programme you'll learn to...

Build your confidence

increase your value and sales

grow your customer and client base

create more opportunities

Meet like-minded people

Be The Brand

Pay in full: £399

Or Split The Cost Into 4 Payments: £100/month