See our full range of courses below!


See our full range of courses below!
SO… you want to kill it on insta?

Insta School

Tired of waking each morning to see you’ve lost followers on instagram? Love the idea of the platform but feel like it’s starting to lose all of the fun? Feel like the insta algorithm is trying to sh*t on your parade? Sick of the race to get followers but know you could use instagram to grow your small business, project or career? It feels like all anyone talks about at the moment is instagram! Like many others, you’re probably feeling like you know it has loads of potential but haven’t quite cracked it yet. Instagram is THE place to launch your personal or business brand, and this course shows you how to build a loyal tribe of followers who really want to shop your products and services. This course is all about building an organic following that has real interest in what you offer. No bots, dodgy schemes or fake followers here. If you get it right, your insta profile can open up endless opportunities. I know because it happens to me on the regular! Insta school is the no bull answer to understanding why some accounts make it on instagram and others don’t.
SO… you want to make a dope blog?

Blog School

Want to make a living talking about things you love?
Or even shortcut into a new career in an industry that you haveno experience?
Blogging is the answer. How do I know? I did it!
I started my blog at christmas in 2014. Within 6 months I’d won my first blogging award and within 8 months I had left my full time job (ok I was fired) but had enough work with my blog to do it full time. Since then it has opened amazing doors and opportunities for me and I’ve worked with the likes of Airbnb, Samsung, eBay and more just from having a blog. Plus I got to live out my dream of being an interior designer.
This course will teach you important strategies and techniques around building a successful blog, especially in the age of social media. From how to narrow down your niche and build your confidence to techy stuff like SEO. Oh and of COURSE creative stuff like photography techniques and tips on creating stand out graphics. Nothing is left uncovered and NOTHING is off the record. You’ll learn how to create a sexy, stand out blog and personal brand where you can be adored just for being you.
SO… you want to build your brand?

Brand School

 Having a creative business in 2018 is no mean feat. You’ll live or die by how strong your brand is visually. With your consumers attention spans getting shorter and shorter you literally have about 3 seconds to make them take notice and think ‘Wow, I like this brand’.  The difference between you and your business making money or dying in the water is how well you can brand your creative business.  I’m gonna teach you how to think like a marketeer. This will all happen over six modules of jam packed content, including video interviews with branding experts, design specialists and fellow entrepreneurs who have created kick-ass brands. They will share all the insider tips on what they did and why it worked. You’ll come away knowing your business or personal brand inside out, how to make it stand out against the competition and continually evolve with the times whilst staying true to your own values and style.
SO… you want to make it rain?

Money and Manifesting School

Is it bad to want to make more money? Some people think so. They believe things like ‘money is the root of all evil’, but how about if money felt like an amazing exchange of value? What if, in the right hands (or more hands full stop) we could achieve more balance for everyone on the planet? Actually I think of money as the lube of life, it just keeps things easy and fun! And I believe we all deserve to have fun, relaxed lives. Yes YOU! YOU DESERVE A FUN, RELAXED LIFE. Over four modules I’ve teamed up with my money / manifestation mentor to bring you an exciting online course where you will learn the law of attraction, how to manifest what you want and clear those limiting beliefs around money that are holding you back form the success you’re meant to be! You’ll leave this course feeling excited and optimistic about your future and wayyyy less stressed about money – guaranteed!
SO… you want to grow your traffic?

Pin School

Do you love to mess about on Pinterest, making pretty boards or collecting style inspo, recipes or travel tips?

Have you heard that Pinterest is a great way to drive traffic to your business, blog or website but have no idea where to start?

Have you had one pin go viral but never been able to replicate that success?

Well if that’s you, and you’ve heard that Pinterest is a massive untapped resource for your blog, you’ve come to the right place.

Pin School is going to change the way think about Pinterest and revolutionise your blog or business in the process. It’s going to show you that any niche can be successful on the platform, and that you can easily increase the number of visitors to your site.

It’s full of no-nonsense, straight forward advice that’s easy to follow and implement. Each module you’ll be given a task sheet to complete before the following lessons, keeping you on track and consolidating your learning.

SO… you want some freebies?


start a blog video training series

A three part video series which shares advice on how to find your niche, create engaging content and make money from your blog!


discover your insta-brand quiz

Ever wonder why some brands really stand out on insta? Want a piece of that for yourself? This will help you identify your insta brand profile and give you some handy tips on how to engage your followers


pro blogger video interviews

I sat down with 5 of your favourite bloggers from fashion to interiors to talk about how they turned their blogs into an income. Includes Melissa’s Wardrobe, Kimberley from Swoon Worthy, Erica Davies, Mad About The House and more.


email template to approach brands or PRs

Want to start reaching out to brands or PRs about collaborating? I’ve done it a thousand times so I’m sharing the email template that has served me well over the past few years!

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