Don’t have your ‘big vision’ yet? Here’s why that’s totally fine

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Recently I listened to the biography of Elon Musk. For anyone who doesn’t know, musk is the founder of SpaceX and Tesla cars. SpaceX has the big vision of eventually transporting humans to Mars (yep seriously) as well as other less ‘big’ ideas, like being able to create rockets that will transport cargo to and from the space station. Tesla’s big vision was to change the way that humans think of and use cars, creating the most sophisticated and cool electric cars you have ever seen. They have waiting lists for months and months and have shaken up the motor industry over and over again. Remember when electric vehicles were a bit of a joke? Tesla are the ones who changed that.


I became more and more engrossed with this incredible man. He has the biggest visions I’ve probably ever heard of. I mean, thinking so far in the future as to be planning for when we have to move to Mars? Incredible. Some may say crazy but I think incredible. I started to feel kind of… well, disappointed with myself that I didn’t have any big visions like this. Listening to his documentary made everything that I was doing feel really, really fucking small and completely insignificant. I’ve taught a few hundred people how to start a blog. Big Woop de do.


So what was my ‘big vision’?


I got distracted from what I was doing day to day and started thinking ‘what is my big vision’. What I was doing wasn’t good enough.


It wasn’t a nice feeling to be honest. It was interesting – to be somewhere between people telling you you’re awesome every day and then holding yourself to higher things. Like, Sarah – what are you actually trying to achieve here? What is your big vision? It’s hard when you have lots of people emphatically gushing over you and your work ethic and then listening to something about Elon Musk and thinking ‘I’m a really fucking small fish’. I think it’s good to have a balance between Kanye-esque self adoration and telling yourself you’re nothing. Balance.

Anyway, fast forward a few weeks and I’ve finished listening. I’ve also been able to give it time to settle. And do you know what I’ve realised? I do have a big vision. No it’s not about sending people to Mars or changing the world. Well, perhaps in a way.


My big vision is to get people, especially women, to believe in themselves. To challenge the notions that we have to let corporate jobs and societies judgements hold us back from what we really want to do. To help people know that doing something fun CAN be your job, if you work hard enough and you BELIEVE in yourself. There is nothing that frustrates me more than seeing someone with incredible potential limit themselves due to these perceptions.


So I don’t have a big big vision. I have a small big vision. I want to change one mindset at a time, and who knows, perhaps in 100 years time my work will have multiplied and been carried forward into the future generations of these women.


Don’t feel bad that your vision isn’t big and shiny like someone else’s. Perhaps you want to help people enjoy their homes more. Perhaps you want to help people feel confident in how they look. You might want to improve financial education. Maybe you just want to make people laugh each day.


The little things make a big difference.

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