How to create content that sells without feeling scummy

how to create content that sells
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We’ve all heard the phrase ‘content is king’. Content, whether that be written, audio or video, enables you to tell a story to your customer. To inform. To educate. But there is one particular type of content that you need to understand as a business owner – content that sells. But not in a cringe way babes!

Long gone are the days of promotional content, heavily stuffed with keywords, offers, and the hardcore “sell, sell, sell” approach from a man in a suit. Ew! As consumers we became repellent to those kinds of sales tactics years ago. The modern consumer wants more bang for their buck, which is why creating content that enables you to sell products and services needs to be strategic.

Here are five ways to make content that sells that won’t have you feeling like you need to take a cold shower afterwards.

Be the teacher

How many of you have signed up to a free webinar, thinking you’ll be taught something new only to be sold to for 60 minutes solid? It’s an instant turn off and it’s bloody annoying. Just get to the good stuff man! A webinar, podcast or blog post that offers valuable information for 50 minutes before 10 minutes of explaining about a new product feels much more like an honest exchange of time.

Becoming known as a valued and respected teacher in your field enables you to showcase your skills and knowledge, building trust with your audience ahead of launching a paid-for product. By offering free content and helping potential customers to better themselves before introducing a course or service, you’ve given them a chance to see that your techniques work. You’ve already provided results before they’ve parted with any cash.

Basically, you gotta earn it.

Nurture your audience

Stop for a second and think about your audience. What problems are they dealing with? What struggles do they have? Are they searching online for a solution of some kind? Nurture your audience and create content around the issues and topics they are searching for help with. Do regular Q&A sessions on Instagram stories, or host a Facebook live in a group. Be on hand to answer those burning questions in a live scenario – and yes, I get it, for some of you this might be out of your comfort zone but now isn’t the time to play it safe out of fear. You being just a few steps ahead of someone on their journey is super helpful. Sometimes even more so than being a mega expert, actually.

Finding Balance

When you launch a new product, it’s often tempting to go HAM on the promotional side of things. But creating content that converts means finding balance. Plan an editorial calendar that spreads out launch content, in between helpful and inspiring pieces. Yes you want to build momentum, yes you want to shout from the rooftops about what you’ve created, but keep your potential customer in the front of your mind at all times. Do they want to feel bombarded? Do you they want to feel ‘sold to’? The answer is no. You don’t wanna freak them out or just get plain annoying AF.

Them buying from you needs to feel like an organic decision that was cleverly swayed by your informative and helpful content, subconsciously hinting at why your product or service could change their lives. You’re so jedi man.

More than words

Although blog content and Instagram grid content can be super helpful when it comes to converting readers into customers, the power of video can’t be denied. Vision is our most dominant sense, so being able to see someone talk passionately about their service, or demonstrate a product in action, enables us to visually understand the benefits better.

According to a report by HubSpot in 2018, 54% of consumers want to see more video content from the brands or businesses they support. Tutorial and explainer videos are a great way to captivate an audience, as well as enabling you to build an email list – once they sign up, a sequence of videos are delivered to their inbox, for example, and you can then start to drip feed sales content direct to your potential customer.

Be Authentic

I know we bang on about this time and time again, but the biggest way to create content that sells is to BE YOURSELF. Speak about your product or service in an authentic, non-scripted way. Become a storyteller. Be genuine. Stay true to your values. Describe to your audience how excited you are about the launch. Be passionate. Be a geek. Obsess about your services. Just don’t be a copy and paste format you’ve seen online about content marketing and what you should be saying and what you should be creating. People want to buy from people, so being authentic really is the heart and soul to your business.

Right, so what first?

If you’re looking to launch your own blog, check out my free Start Your Own Blog video series right here – which also gives you a great example of how the video marketing I spoke about above works. And finally, don’t forget to join the community over in the No Bull Business School Facebook group, where you’ll receive daily inspiration and support from business owners of all stages.

Much love!

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