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January – What a month for action hey! I think it’s also pretty divisive, some people seem to have a firecracker up their ass and others find January to be long, slow and painful. I am pleased to say I’m in the former. I find January to be an incredible month for positivity, if you’ve decided to be in the mindset for it.

Because isn’t that just what it is? The whole PMA (positive mental attitude) thing is so overused that I think we can often brush it off as nothing more than a slogan. Something on a T shirt in Primark or perhaps a bread bin at TK maxx (or maybe I’ve just been looking at the @hunsathome instagram account way too much this week)!


But look, having a positive outlook is EVERYTHING. I’m not saying I don’t love a good moan – I can essentially be the female Karl Pilkington at times, but I like to moan more out of a British sensibility and for a few laughs rather than seriously be complaining about anything.

I see people who play victims ALL. THE. TIME. Can’t get out of their own way. Everyone’s out to get them. And no, not once will they ever consider that perhaps some of this is their own doing.

One of the biggest lessons I’ve learnt in life is about responsibility. Sometimes there is just no-one to blame. No external factor, no fuck up, just purely and simply, I was responsible for that area of my life not quite working out.

Oooh, hits hard doesn’t it?!

You mean I can’t shift the blame onto everyone and everything else?

Nah mate, you can’t.

To try and give you all a little dose of January fun and positivity, I’ve put together a free audio visualisation that you can listen to. It’s just under 10 mins, perfect to listen to just before bed or on the tube on the way to work. It’ll help you visualise your ideal lifestyle instantly. It’s also relaxing AF.

Check it out and see what you think – I’d love to hear how it makes you feel!

Get it here!