How to get productive

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Hey! I’m Sarah Akwisombe, the founder of No Bull Business School.

I’ll let you in on a secret – when I started this company I had ZERO plan for what I was doing. Processes SUCKED to me! Boring AF!

But I was spending all my time on silly tasks whilst not working on the important stuff. It was affecting my sanity and I never had any ‘me time’.

Now I’ve created a productivity technique which is simple and easy for anyone to do. Yes even you messy, ‘I hate organisation’ type people (because I used to be you!)

The Lo Down: In this short and punchy masterclass, I'll be walking you through my step by step process to get productive and SQUASH procrastination.

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PLUS I’ll be showing you exactly how I have used this process over the last 2 years to build a six figure business whilst making sure I get plenty of sleep, spend quality time with my daughter and husband, have time to go to the gym AND still watch Netflix!

How to get productive

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