How to let your confident voice step up

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Happy end of November guys! At the risk of sounding like an absolute cliche I cannot believe how quickly this year has flown by. Seems like just yesterday I was doing live calls with you lot with a fan blasting in my face and the windows wide open not being able to bear the scorching 30+ degree heat. There’s something about living in England that really gives you such a feeling of nostalgia every time the seasons change. Anyway, I digress from what I wanted to talk to you about this month. Confidence.
Recently I ran the first ever No Bull Business Academy, which was a 4 week course for anyone who wanted to start a business. I ran it with my mum (!) who is an accredited counsellor. I covered the business side, she covered the mindset. What because so apparent during this course was how much our confidence really affects how successful we can be as entrepreneurs. Yes I’m gonna use the word entrepreneurs, not small business owners, not mumpreneur… entrepreneur. Because if you’ve started or even thought about starting a business, you’re an entrepreneur. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Again I’m digressing…

It’s such a multi faceted word. It strikes up a multitude of feelings at the same time. Being ‘full of yourself’, being strong, knowing you’re shit hot at what you do, knowing you’re the best… KNOWING. It’s that knowing isn’t it? Self belief. And it’s what so many of you seem to be lacking.

I’ve always been confident. I’m not loud, I’m actually an introvert, but I have an innate sense of belief in myself and that I can do anything. I have sat with my mum and tried to pick apart the psychology of this over and over again, because I feel like if I can work out the secret to confidence I can bottle it and sell it and become a millionaire! Alas, I am still working on it. I come back to the fact that confidence is a complicated little thing. You’re not born with it, but what happens in your early years can definitely shape it. It’s a series of steps along your life that seem to either add to your piggybank of confidence or take from it.

So how can we start to build it today? Say our piggy bank is completely depleted but we KNOW we need to build it up in order to give our businesses the best chance of succeeding? Because I tell you want if you don’t have confidence your business won’t succeed. There are no two ways about it. You might get to a certain point of success but then it’ll plateau. Because confidence is what makes everything move forward.

I think something you can do today is this. When you have an idea, listen to the first voice that appears in your head. Does the little voice say ‘that’s a great idea, people will freakin’ love that!’ or does it say ‘what if so-and-so thinks that’s a crap idea?’

Which voice is it? Does the confident voice even exist for you? For me, the confident voice is the only one that exists. It’s actually to my downfall sometimes as I think every bloody idea I have is THE BEST thing that anyone has ever thought of. Which obviously, is not always the case! Can you give a little space for the confident voice to step forward without the other voice shouting it down? How about you thank the other voice for trying to keep you safe but say that you just want to hear what the confident voice has to say for a second.

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And then give it space.

Keep doing that every time and I think that over some time the confident voice will be able to step forward proudly. Try it and let me know how you get on.

So – Did this resonate with you? Which voice for you is louder? Does your confident voice exist at all or is it the scared voice that is trying to keep you safe and in your comfort zone the whole time? Hit reply and tell me what your experience is.





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