10 ways to save time by repurposing your content

how to repurpose content like a boss
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I see it time and time again. A well-researched, interesting and thought-provoking blog post shared a couple of times on social media and then forgotten about forever in the vain hope that the SEO gods might pick it up and deliver a new reader. As my friend Jade Jemma (sales coach extraordinaire) says, it’s ‘posting and praying’.

But there are so many ways to repurpose and reuse your content to maximise the mileage from one piece of work – whether that be a video, podcast, blog or social media post. Work once and have it pay dividends forever more!

Here are 10 ideas to get you started…

Turn video content into a blog post

If you are making videos you can use a service such as Rev.com to transcribe videos into blog posts for very minimal outlay ($1 per minute of the video – bargain!)

This is a really quick way to get everything you talk about from your videos put straight into words that you can use as a blog post on your site. From personal experience, the turnaround is quick and is a super easy process and you can also use them to caption videos and more.

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Transcribe your podcast

Why not transcribe your podcast recording into show notes, in turn creating a SEO-rich blog post. Listeners want options, and by offering them a written version of your show, they’re able to digest in a way which suits their lifestyle – especially if they like to skim through the transcript first before dedicating the time to listen.

Create micro blogs on Instagram

If you have a large, in-depth blog post, take snippets of this and create micro-blogs on Instagram to give your audience a taste of what’s to come from the full feature. It whets the readers appetite and drives them to click the link in the bio to find out more.

Utilise your Facebook Live

When Facebook announced that they see 10 times more engagement on their Facebook Live videos than they do on any other video content, it was time to sit up and pay attention. If you’re recording a Facebook Live, you can repurpose this as a podcast. A good video editing package can output an audio-only version of your video, which you will then need to edit. Export as an MP3 file and then upload to your podcast hosting platform. Just be sure to edit out the many “hello’s” you get when people join a live video as this can be annoying as a podcast listener.

Compile blog posts into an e-Book

Do you have a series of blog posts around the same topic? Repurpose your content by compiling these into an e-Book (Canva have basic free e-Book templates, while Creative Market have paid-for options to use through InDesign/Photoshop), which could either be an additional revenue stream or a way to build your email list by getting people to sign-up to receive the book.

Turn photography into shareable Pins

Pinterest is a relatively fuss-free way to drive traffic to your website while you sleep. Turn your blog posts into shareable Pins by uploading an eye-catching graphic using your own photography or stock images, include a keyword rich description describing the nature of your blog post and link back to your website. Pinterest isn’t a quick fix to drive traffic as it can take a number of months to see tangible results, but the possibilities are huge once you pin on the regular.

Film a webinar around your blog post

If you have a comprehensive blog post, why not record a webinar covering the various topics discussed in the article? This, again, is a great way of capturing email addresses, and could even be monetised if you’re offering even more exclusive content than the initial blog post.

Content upgrades

On the subject of capturing data, another way to build your email list and repurpose content is to create an upgrade such as a free printable, guide or checklist. This gives the post a new lease of life and enables you to continue sharing on social media by offering something new to the audience.

Add vlogs to IGTV

Perhaps your Instagram following doesn’t know you have a Youtube channel? Or you have evergreen videos that you think could be useful to share to a new audience? Gary Vee, for example, adapts his existing content from DailyVee episodes for IGTV. IGTV videos can be up to 10 minutes long, and you’re able to turn a horizontal video into a vertical IGTV format by using a programme such as Adobe Premiere Pro.

Create quote images for Instagram

Turn your blog posts into short succinct quotes for Instagram and create graphics by using tools such as Canva or Photoshop. Posts like this can prove to be really successful, especially when shared on Instagram Stories or reposted – increasing your likelihood of gaining new followers. And a quick plug, if you’re stuck with how to grow your instagram in an authentic way, I definitely recommend you checking out our Insta School course!

Are you guilty of creating a piece of content and then forgetting about its potential on other platforms? Or are you the queen (or king!) of getting your money’s worth from your latest creation? I’d love to know how and if you repurpose your content in the comments below.

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