How to take a break and enjoy a vacay whilst running your own business

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I think a lot of people struggle to switch off fully when they take a break. It’s easy to let the ongoing thoughts of half finished projects or looming deadlines consume what should be your down-time. When you’re running your own business, it can be even harder to take that break and disconnect, so I’ve shared how I get some stress free downtime whilst I’m on vacay…

Its funny, because we all know how vital it is to keep ourselves refreshed.  If we are refreshed, our business will be fresh and energised. With a clear brain we allow those super creative ideas to flow through. I mean, how many lightbulb moments have you had whilst on holiday? I know I have!  It’s also ironic that it’s often half the reason we start our businesses – to be able to take breaks and have downtime whenever we feel like it. But then when we do, we worry about it… argh!

The feeling of coming back off holiday… rejuvenated, productive and more efficient.  Well that’s the aim anyway!

As a freelancer, entrepreneur, self employed, business owner, badass boss bitch, whatever your job title in this world of doing it for ourselves, I know it’s easy to convince yourself that by going away you will lose clients and business.  Which actually doesn’t need to be the case.  There are ways to take that holiday without (or little) guilt!

Your responses…

When I posted about this on Instagram and asked you if you had a system for when you take a break and if you felt guilt, there were such a range of responses.

Some of you don’t understand the value of breaks yet (but learning to) whilst others had taken the plunge recently and employed staff so the business could continue to run.  Others find it hard but know how vital it is for your well-being. Some of you find your best ideas come your way after giving yourself some space from the business.  Then we had someone taking a whole month off posting on social media which was giving them a new perspective on things. Major props… I don’t know if I could do it!

My money and manifesting coach Jen (the money medium) stated:

Its tricky! Especially when you are your work and your work is you! Im still figuring it out- to be honest I crave my work.  But just clearing my schedule and light online interaction is a good combo for me.  The guilt, ummmmm, I just say hello to it and see if it is giving me reminders or important things to take note of, my mind is always creating! But if it’s not important or inspiring stuff I mentally say ‘na uhh, not now we are on vacation!’

Check out the comments on the instagram post here…

It’s no surprise that every one has different ways and solutions.  After all,  we are all different human beings, the way we process things are different and the way we run our businesses are all different. But just because we do run businesses doesn’t mean we can’t take a break.

There’s no one perfect way to make it work but here are 3 tips to help you take a break while running a business;
  1. Prepare your business and plan ahead – let your clients/customers know what your schedule is going to be.  Will you be planning to complete work before you go? Create and schedule as much content before you go.  This is such a quick win. Also, don’t forget to set your out of office! This is the easiest way to stop people nagging you 😉
  2. Give yourself holiday rules – If you feel you still need to check in, give yourself a set day, time and period.  We have to be so disciplined in many ways being self-employed so there is no difference while on holiday. I find that first thing in the morning is good as then I’m not worrying about replying to emails whilst I’m out enjoying myself.
  3. Prepare team members/outsource if possible- If you do have people working for you be clear on what they are to do while you are away and when or if they should contact you. You might want a weekly update or only for them to contact you in emergencies. If you don’t have the extra resource in your team right now, there are freelance websites such as People Per Hour where you could outsource daily responsibilities/digital tasks to someone for an hourly fee.

An important note to end on, no matter how dedicated and passionate you are about your work, taking a break can fuel that even more.  It’s time to kick back and relax peeps!

On that note, I’m off to cook dinner for the fam at our Airbnb apartment in LA!

S x

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