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I’ve seen a big shift happen on socials lately, especially on Instagram. Sure, when we all started out a few years back it was all about who had the most visually captivating image. What was the most aspirational? Who had the best feed layout and colour scheme? But now I’ve noticed it’s almost all but changed…

Storytelling. It’s become the definition of what engages on socials now. I mean, add a stunning image to a captivating story and sure, you have a winner. But time and time again I’ve noticed that I can share the most dull image and as long as my caption has meaning and a great story at its heart, it can pretty much out-do some of my more ‘fancy’ posts by hundreds of engagements. 

Recently, I’ve cut down on posting stuff for the sake of creating a pretty feed. I just can’t vibe with it anymore, it feels so vacuous and pointless. It’s just to keep up appearances and the next ‘like high’. Instead, I’m opting to share images when I actually have something to say. When something meaningful or inspiring has happened, or just to tell a funny story or share a moment that’s been special to me. I can guarantee you that when I post something for the sake of it, it’s like people can tell. I can tell when others are doing it, and they can sense the same. Obviously, my account to some extent is a personal brand and maybe you wouldn’t approach a business account in exactly the same way, but I think the lesson of storytelling still runs true.

I thought this post would bomb but the message was important to me to share. 643 of you agreed!

So ask yourself this, how can I share something about my business in a way that has a captivating story? Does it have a start, middle and take away for the end? What is the point of this post, how should the reader / viewer feel at the end of it? Does that align with my brand values?

If you start to think about every post as a little mini story I think you’ll notice the change in engagement. After all, we grew up on stories and they aren’t going anywhere. 

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Sarah x