The 3 types of headlines that WILL get people to click on your blog post

how to create an attention grabbing headline for your blog
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There are many things that can make or break your blog, and being able to write an attention grabbing headline is one of them. I mean, it’s all good if you can write a shit hot post but who’s ever gonna read it if you don’t create a headline to advertise that slaps people round the face and says ‘READ ME YOU SUCKER!’

We’re inundated with content all day long nowadays, so you need to find a way to cut through. Not only does your blog post headline need to be awesome, but also any updates you do on social media need to apply the same attention grabbing principals.

I like to use one of these three methods.


A little bit of intrigue is a time tested method. Just take one look on Buzzfeed, or even in the advert in the image above which dates back to the 60s! You’ve seen it… ‘she thought she was just having a normal day at work, and then…’

You just can’t help but click.

You probably know it’s going to be useless information but we have an inexplicable desire to know the outcome It’s just the way our minds are wired.

Use mystery type headlines with caution – make sure that you’re actually delivering the goods and not just being a blog-tease!

3 mystery building headlines you can use that aren’t cringe:

  • This tip changed the way I look at (BLANK) forever
  • How I went from 100 to 1000 subscribers in just 30 days
  • A tour of London’s best kept secrets (this is one I actually used myself, it hints at there being something to be discovered, which is always fun)

A little bit of controversy never hurt anyone and as long as you’re willing to really stick your neck on the line and stand for something then this is a great headline to use in order to grab attention. People will either click because they agree with you or because they are so outraged by your opinion that they need to come and discover what you’re banging on about.

They will probably leave a comment too, because these type of posts ALWAYS spark debate.

My tip with this kind of headline is to really put yourself out there. There’s no fence sitting here, otherwise what’s the point?

Prepare to lose a few readers.. yep, I said LOSE, but this is never a bad thing. The ones you lose aren’t on board with your opinions anyway, and the ones who remain will be die hard fans who completely agree with what you’re saying. Your ideal customer if you will. There’s no point walking on eggshells around people in order not to offend them – me na’ got time for dat!

These often start with ‘why’ as it kind of expresses that this is going to be an opinion based post.

3 controversial headline examples


Oi, get you head out of the gutter! I’m talking about sharing your vulnerable moments, your emotions, your struggles, your triumphs and ultimately, your journey.

Bloggers can sometimes feel like these unapproachable, unrealistic, aspirational people who just waft around all day drinking fancy coffee art lattes, sprawling bare legs over beautifully messy beds and doing FASHAAAN poses in front of colourful houses in Notting Hill. Some I think, bizarrely, actually do live this life.

But sometimes you just gotta show the people that you’re real.

A bit of intimacy really helps your reader get engaged and can build long term relationships and engagement. Your headline needs to basically scream out ‘I AM JUST LIEK YOU, MY DEAR DEAR FRIEND!’

You may see that some of the following also have an element of mystery to them.. OOH ER! DOUBLE DIPPING ON THEM HEADLINES!

3 examples of intimate headlines:

  • The real cost of being a mumpreneur (you can see them all racing to their keyboards as we speak)
  • The day I lost my (BLANK) forever, and how I managed to move on
  • How I hide my anxiety attacks from my co-workers

Hopefully this has given you some food for thought about how you can put these three types of headline into play for your future content. You can try either creating a headline like this for a post you’ve written, or think about the headline first and see if that helps you to come up with some content ideas.

Which was your fave? I challenge you to come up with some gooduns! Come on over to my No Bull Blog School Facebook group and share with more fellows bloggers like yourself. If it’s your first time there, just click to request access and I’ll approve you ASAP!

Sarah x

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