Lots of ideas? Here’s why that could be affecting your business and brand negatively

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Are you one of those people who has a never ending stream of business or project ideas? ME TOO! But I’ve had to learn to control the crazy ideas over time, and here’s why.

Let’s talk about how my brain works. I have a TON of ideas. Like, daily. My husband must be sick of my ideas. Not only do I have new ideas for No Bull Business School but I also have ideas for everything. An indoor zen garden, a cool healthy local cafe, a tracksuit clothing line, a business school for kids. Honestly, sometimes I wish it would stop and allow me to focus. I wonder if one day when I’m old and it’s my time to go I will be sad, lying in regret, thinking about my tracksuit line that never was. 

There are three things I’ve learnt about having a lot of ideas. 


A lot of ideas can make you seem very scatty. People see your non-stop ideation as a ‘lack of focus’ on your current project. I get that actually. If I was investing in someone I’d want to know they were wholeheartedly committed to ONE IDEA. With this in mind, as excited as you are, maybe don’t discuss every single ideas with your friends and family. Keep a notebook with them all written down. When the time comes, you can do an in depth analysis on these ideas. Which ones are to fulfil something personally but probably don’t make business sense? Which one is scalable? Which one would someone invest in and why?


Don’t throw every idea for your current business at your customers. This is something I’m still learning. I’ll often use my customer base as a place to test ideas out. ‘Do you guys wanna see this?’ often ends in lots of yes’s (I have good ideas what can I say) but then I don’t have the time to actually create what they’re asking for which I can only assume leads to frustration. There’s a fine line between getting customer feedback and what they want and then having the time and money to execute it. Sorry if you’ve been on the receiving end of this – just know that I listen to all of your feedback and some of these things are in the pipeline! It’s just that…


Learn when to stop. When you run a business, like, PROPERLY, not just as a hobby, and you have team members relying on you to pay their rent, you often have to make very hard decisions about where you put your time and money. So often things comes back to ‘will this actually affect our bottom line?’. If it doesn’t, it’ll often be put to lower down on the priority list. Because as we all know, none of us have a business without cash flow and constant sales. Each year there can only be room for one or two experimental projects that may not bring in any income for a while, but that’s another blog post entirely. Stop and focus on what is going to affect your bottom line. Do that first. 

Sorry if this has seemed a somewhat negative post, I know how exciting it is to have ideas. I could literally spout ideas all day long and nothing beats the rush of telling someone your new found business ideas that is just going to change the world, I get it. Just remember the bigger picture. The bigger you can grow your business, the more sales you can make, the more it’ll allow you the headspace, time and cash flow to try a new thing. So actually curbing your ideas a little bit could actually be the way to properly fulfil them in the end. 

I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. Are you an ideas person like me? Have you learnt anything from this?

Much Love, Sarah x




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