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How to stand out in the crowded blogging market 

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How to come up with ideas for content for your new awesome blog

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How bloggers make money and how you could in the future 

Hey! I'm Sarah Akwisombe. I started the No Bull Blog School in 2015 as a way to lift the veil of mystery on the blogging industry for anyone who is thinking about starting a blog or writing a blog to support their business. It's what it says on the tin - no bullsh*t, honest and upfront tips on how to succeed in this competitive industry. 

I myself started blogging in 2014 and basically had to learn everything along the way myself. I was writing about something that I had no contacts or experience in (interiors and design) and I had no blogger friends to light the way. I made loads of stupid mistakes and I also learnt very quickly what did and didn't work in the blogging world. A couple of years later I have won awards, managed to quit my full time job (ok don't tell anyone but I was fired) and now I work in the interiors industry as a freelance interior stylist. It's all pretty awesome to be honest! And it's only happened because I was dedicated about building a wicked online platform to launch myself - my blog. 


how to start a blog - free training

What's up homie? Thinking about starting a blog? Got a bunch of questions? 

All good. I got you...

Here's what we'll cover...

After writing a few warts-and-all posts about life as a blogger, I started getting readers ask loads of questions about how to start a successful blog. It can be quite a scary and intimidating place to be starting out, so I'm here to make it all that bit more enjoyable and teach you everything you need to know along the way!

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