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The key to tapping into the pinterest reserve is so much easier than you think.


Hey! I'm Sarah Akwisombe and I'm the founder of the No Bull Blog School. I'm also a double award winning deisgn and lifestyle blogger, and I've managed to use blogging to completely change my career and lifestyle.

I'd love to say I'm a Pinterest expert and I've used it to create XXX amount of hits... but I haven't. That would be complete BS.

In fact, I'm pretty rubbish with it! It's the ONE platform that I just never really got to grips with. Sure, I'd play around and allllways go on there to find design inspiration or which kicks the coolest bloggers are rocking nowadays, but I had never tapped into it as a potential traffic machine. 

But then I met Jen, fellow blogger and the founder of Love Chic Living, on a press trip. We were lucky enough to have been taken to Valencia to explore a ceramic company. Whilst on the bus to the hotel, we got chatting. Pinterest came up in convo, and she told me that she had used it to gain over a million hits in the past two years.


A Million, people. 

Well... I have to say I felt like a donut!

Why? Because I couldn't believe I had been ignoring this massive traffic building tool for all these years! Sure I'd done the odd bit of pinning here and there but mainly of others people's stuff and NEVER with any real strategy.

I knew I just HAD to get Jen involved in a joint venture to bring her Pinning wisdom to you guys in the NBBS crew!

Do you love to mess about on Pinterest, making pretty boards or collecting style inspo, recipes or travel tips?

 Have you heard that Pinterest is a great way to drive traffic to your blog or website but have no idea where to start?

 Have you had one pin go viral but never been able to replicate that success?

 Well if that’s you, and you’ve heard that Pinterest is a massive untapped resource for your blog, you’ve come to the right place.

Turn your super-fun (but sometimes random) pinning, into a solid action plan that will drive real results for your blog or business.

in each online class you'll learn how to...



create clever, keyword led pins that will atrract those all important clicks


be seen by brands and customers as a trusted source in your industry

you're juggling loads, so we'll show you how to avoid thosee costly mistakes


discover what is working right now, why, and then how to take advantage of it


create the right kind of boards to get you discovered by fellow pinners and grow your brand



a simple and easy automated strategy that does the hard work for you 


and how repinning other people's content can actually build your brand, blog or business


it's all good getting the clicks but how to you get them to convert? We share our proven methods for getting people to keep coming back

is pin school for me?


Pin School is suitable for bloggers and small business owners who want to understand how they can maximise the potential that Pinterest offers.

You can be at any stage of your game on your blog or business.

You may have dabbled with pinning from your blog or website, but never really seen great results and so only dip in and out occasionally.

You may be confused about how to make the most of Pinterest, or overwhelmed with how to fit it in with everything else you do.

You might think your niche or industry isn’t suitable for Pinterest and there’s no value in it for you – we’re here to change that thinking. Any niche can have success on Pinterest, you just need to know how to make the right kind of pins and build the correct strategy.

so...are you ready to get started?

  • A clear plan of action for your pinning that will take you less than 2 hours a week
  • A schedule for what and when to post
  • A strategy for getting people to your site and sticking around
  • A clear understanding of how it's possible to create opportunities and business from that new traffic
  • A new group of friends and fellow pinners who are in the exact same position as you too!

after the course you'll leave with...

  • Classes are in the form of videos that you watch by logging into the members area on the NBBS site
  • There are three modules with 8 bitesize lessons
  • You will receive access to one module a week 
  • Each class has a downloadable pdf to accompany and homework (which is optional!)
  • All you need is a computer with sound enabled and an internet connection

ready to go? sign your ass up!

£97 (Approx $140 US dollars)


here's all of the awesomeness you'll receive...

Over three hours of recorded online lessons that you can easily watch in your own time. No panic about attending a class at a specific time, just fit it around your schedule in peace. 

Lifetime access Once you're enrolled you have access to the course FOREVER! so if you decide you want to recap in a few months time, it's no biggie. 

Entry to the private, student only facebook group with your fellow pin school students where you can gain invaluable support and advice with both of us on hand too

Assigned action tasks each week

Tasks to work on at home to implement the teachings of the course

Exclusive, student only discounts on one to one strategy sessions with either Jen or I personally

A live Q&A we finalise the course with a live Q&A session with Sarah & Jen where you can get tailored, specifics answers to any questions you have


Now before you start thinking to yourself 'but I don't have time for another platform' or 'I only have a small amount of followers so how on earth will that convert to traffic' then please don't worry!

In our very first lesson you will learn immediately why that is all rubbish.


Stop missing out on the opportunities that could be around the corner for you if you could just grow your reader traffic!

So - real talk. Here's what we're putting to you.

A four week intensive course hosted by me (Sarah) and taught by the fabulous Jen, where you'll learn a step by step process to bring more traffic from Pinterest. 

No BS, no beating around the bush, just straight talking, easy to implement steps. 

Pin School is going to change the way think about Pinterest and revolutionise your blog or business in the process. It’s going to show you that any niche can be successful on the platform, and that you can easily increase the number of visitors to your site. It’s full of no-nonsense, straight forward advice that’s easy to follow and implement. Each week you’ll be given a task sheet to complete before the following session, keeping you on track and consolidating your learning.

 And of course you’ll be part of the Pin School Facebook group, where you can share your experiences  with other like-minded people and ask us your burning questions as you move through the School.

course info

here's why this course is different to everything else out there...

Pin school is 100% bullshit free. The whole ethos of the No Bull Blog School is to create straight to the point, actionable strategies for people who are looking to kick their blog / business up the bum! If you're looking for nicey nicey, wishy washy chat then you're in the wrong place. We give you the steps to take in order to get results, and how to put those steps into action quickly. We know you're not stupid, so we don't sugarcoat stuff or give you tiny things that won't actually make a difference. This is all in plain English, in laymans terms. 

Previous NBBS students have described the teaching style as 'honest', 'relatable' 'direct' and 'DOPE!' (yep, someone actually wrote that in a survey after class!

As I am new to this myself as a blogger, I will be going through this at exactly the same time as you. I'll have the same questions and concerns, so I'll make sure that those are always covered. Where else do you get both an expert AND a host who knows the ins and outs of what you'll be needing to know in one place?

All No Bull Blog School courses are specific, tangible, tried and tested and 100% bullsh*t free.

ready to go? sign your ass up!

£97 (Approx $140 US dollars)



Now if you're anything like me then you'll often find yourself thinking 'if i could just get more traffic to my site then X,Y,Z could happen.'

Whilst I preach that it's important to have real genuine connections with your readers above anything else, we can't deny that the world of marketing and opportunities flock to those who have that all important reader traffic. 

That's why I believe it's so important that both you and I really start to understand the power that pinning holds! 

Here's more from Jen about how she has used Pinterest to develop her blog and business. 

I’ve been using Pinterest for 3 years, driving over 1 million hits to my site in just the last 2.

It’s been a huge game-changer for me, allowing me to be featured by Pinterest, and collaborate with brands on campaigns and projects, boosting my income and giving me incredible experiences and opportunities.

When I first started out I was like you - trying various things, not really knowing what would work or what wouldn't. Some of my pins would end up being successful, so I spent time analysing what had worked and why. Similarly, what hadn't! 

Over the past couple of years I've really honed my pinning strategy and I've started teaching masterclasses and one-to-one session with bloggers and business owners just like you. You wouldn't believe how simple it is to get started and trust me when I say this which shocks everyone...

Building traffic from Pinterest has nothing to do with how many followers you have! I know you might think 'fair enough for her to say, she has nearly a million followers' but I've also had a lot less than that in the past and the amount of traffic I have received hasn't changed that much. 

In Pin School, I'll be sharing my easy, time saving strategy for building momentum with Pinterest and have you leaving with a really clear plan as to what you're doing, instead of just shooting in the dark!

here are a few places we've been featured...

"Before working with Jen I regarded Pinterest as something quite fun that I could do in my spare time, but Jen showed me how to really make it work for my blog. It was easy to understand and simple to do. Completely invaluable." – Kate Watson-Smyth

week 1 - pimp your profile

How to set up the best possible profile for Pinterest including board layouts and rich pins

What mistakes you’re currently making and how to rectify them
How to grow your presence on Pinterest, add followers and drive traffic to your blog

week 2 - preen your pins

The importance of search and how to make your pins search friendly

What makes the perfect pin, how to add show-stopping descriptions, and why you need to integrate them into your blog posts

How to make the best pin graphics

week 3 - perfect + progress

How to build the right kind of strategy. What pins you should be sharing, and how often, plus how to maintain your pinning longer term, in an easy to manage schedule.

How to turn your new traffic into opportunities. 


one time investment of £59

Enrol now!

join the waiting list

£97 (Approx $140 US dollars)


course content breakdown

Module 1: Pimp Your Profile

Lesson 1 – Understanding the Smart Feed

Lesson 2 – Perfecting the Setup

Lesson 3 – Building your Brand with Boards  

Module 2: Progress and Perfect

Lesson 1 – Creating awesome pins

Lesson 2 – Pin Descriptions and SEO

Module 3: Preen Your Pins

Lesson 1 – Create your strategy

Lesson 2 – Analysing stats

Lesson 3 – Pinning Extras




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"Doing Pin Shool has been an amazing experience all round. My short term goal was to sell more Xmas decorations as we struggled last year and I've sold 90% of the stock we had. Lots of that coming from Pinterest. Can't wait to get stuck in with all our spring summer stuff! Also the community involvement had been brill. Particularly the ongoing advise and support you have offered. It's the best money I've spent on training full stop." Aaron Andrews, Owner of

"Soon after implementing the tips I learned from Jen's Pinterest course, I began to see results. Jen was right, investing time in Pinterest and creating high quality pinnable images with keyword rich descriptions proved to be a much more effective way to drive traffic to my blog than Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. In fact, Pinterest is such a valuable tool for generating traffic to my blog, I'll be investing even more time in Pinterest in 2017."


"After seeing a huge loss in my traffic after an algorithm change by Pinterest back in early Feb 2016, I decided to have a one-on-one session with Jen to see if she could make some suggestions for me. I also started using a scheduler Jen suggested which allows you to schedule posts. This strategy has meant that my pin impressions have gone up 1759%, repins have gone up 1983% and most importantly, click throughs have gone up by 1883% since the end of March. My Pinterest traffic has gone up 462% making it my biggest referrer after Google searches." - Kimberly

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