The REAL answer to ‘How often do I need to write a blog post?’

how often should you blog
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When I talk to new bloggers or people that are currently thinking about starting a blog this question always comes up. This question is also used to put in place mental barricades that actually don’t exist and force you to believe that starting a successful blog is way more complicated than it actually is.

The question: ‘How often do I need to be blogging?’

Firstly let me say this. If you ask me that question it already sounds like you’re dreading it. In my joy of psychoanalysing people without any knowledge or qualifications to actually do so, you make it sound to me like you’re scared of it. Like it’s some dragging thing that you need to do. ‘Oh hey man, I can’t come out tonight. yeah I know. it sucks. I gotta BLOG.’

Need is the culprit here. Need is a sad and desperate word. You don’t need to blog, you WANT TO BLOG! And ultimately, you should look beyond the imposing blogging schedule that you’ve constructed in your mind and instead think about what you really need to be thinking about. How to drive results. How to drive engagement. How to CONNECT WITH PEOPLE.

So how about we rephrase it to something like:

‘How often should I be writing posts in order to keep my fans engaged?’


‘Have you found there is a frequency to blogging that has the biggest results?’

or even

‘I want to get 5000 readers a month. How often should I be blogging to get to that?’

If you ask me any of those questions I have an idea of what you want to achieve and I will have an answer for you.

My answer to ‘how often do I need to write a blog post’ would be ‘go and work out what you want to achieve and then I’ll tell you’.

The answer to any of these question varies considerably depending on what you want the outcome or your result to be.

Now, an exercise to determine the exact frequency at which you should be blogging 

Ask yourself these three questions.

‘How well have I connected to my audience with this piece of content?’

Is it impactful enough that it could stay with someone for a month? Change their outlook on life forever? Did it feel like you delivered real insight and value to the person reading? It’s not about length. At all. If you can honestly say yes to this then that content is likely to be quite memorable. That buys you a bit of time between posts. TIME IS NOT MONTHS OK? Not blogging for months on end is a no go. At a VERY minimum I’d say you need to blog consistently once a month. But anyway, I’ll continue as there’s more to this…

‘How often can I realistically, physically and mentally write a blog post?’

You need to at least write one nice juicy post to see how long it takes you. Both to write it and then PROMOTE it. Oh you didn’t think about that bit? Don’t worry… all covered in blog school! Anyway I digress… work out how long it takes you then realistically look at your schedule to see when you can fit it in. If you’re a busy parent with a full time job and a demanding social circle then you may not be physically able to blog 2 times a week. Perhaps once a week or once a month would feel realistic. Go with what feels realistic to start and then re-evaluate in three months time.

‘At what frequency does my worry about writing frequently disappear?’

Say these to yourself.

‘I commit to writing 3 blog posts a week.’

‘I commit to writing 1 blog post a week.’

‘I commit to writing a blog post every other week.’

‘I commit to writing one blog post each month.’

Where did you start to feel comfortable? From this you should have a better idea.

I’ll let you in on a secret. There’s no magic number. Every blog and every person is different. Sure, if you post more frequently, success may come faster. But you know what else might come faster too? Burnout. Go easy on yourself. Pick a frequency that you’re excited about and doesn’t feel like a burden. Be understanding that you may be taking a slower route to success, but the level of success won’t change if you’re writing great content, just the speed.

I hope this has been useful and made you feel a lot better about blogging! Leave a comment below and let me know what you think. How often do you blog? Do you feel guilty or great about it?

Sarah x




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