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Here’s something I see far too often. A messy brand message. Unclear brand message = me as a consumer being confused. Me as a consumer being confused = me going elsewhere and forgetting about you!

Having a succinct and strong brand message offers clarity in your business, leaving your audience clear on your values and what they can come to expect when joining you on your journey.

It also helps to keep you focused when business is tough or when you’re struggling to make a difficult business decision and it offers stable ground to branch off from when you’re looking to expand.

So, what exactly is your “core brand message”?

Let’s call it an elevator pitch to start. Could you tell your brand story in less than 30 seconds? EEEK! It’s a lot harder than you think, right?

An elevator pitch is who are you, what you do and how it helps other people.

For example, you could make your own skincare. Your elevator pitch would be; I hand-make natural skincare for people who are passionate about organic products but don’t want to compromise on luxury. I use a range of essential oils that help my busy customers feel more relaxed.

This brand message is clear and easy to understand, it’s clear what you do and it resonates with your audience of busy women who are looking for something good for their skin that is also relaxing. It also hints at it being a luxury product which helps me understand who it’s for instantly.

Still struggling to put into words what you offer?

Consider your three V’s – values, vision and voice. What are your company values? What is the vision for your business? And how will your voice help?

Your business could focus on producing organic clothing at an entry level price point. Your values are increasing the awareness of sustainable fashion to a larger audience, your vision is to make organic clothing accessible for everyone, and you are using your voice to help educate people to move away from the culture of fast-fashion.

The key is to position yourself as an expert, show confidence in your subject matter and make yourself relatable to your audience.

When you are in tune with your core message, it radiates from every pore of your business. And once you find a brand message that really resonates, the fog will suddenly lift, and your vision and voice will be so more impactful.

Try writing a draft copy with the guidelines above! It might take a couple of attempts, but once you craft that captivating brand message, you’ll see just how aligned your business can feel.

Let us know how you get on in the comments below!

S x