Why Your Family and Friends Don’t Care About Your Blog

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Wassup home boys and home girls!

What I’ve seen online recently is loads of people worried that their friends and family aren’t supporting their business or their business idea or reading their blog. So I wanted to talk to you a bit about why you shouldn’t get pissed off when your friends and family don’t support what you’re doing.

I do get it, because I used to be exactly the same. When I used to make music, I would always be saying things like “My single’s out. If you’re a friend of mine, you’d better be going to buy it.” I mean, they would go and buy a Beyonce album, but they won’t go and support my stuff. I didn’t get it at the time, but now I do. 

When I started to read more into marketing and understood why people buy or support stuff more, I realised that it doesn’t matter who you are. Whether they’re your wife, sister, mother or daughter – people aren’t going to support you if they’re not into what you’re doing.

I suggest that you should start detaching yourself from the idea that people actually sitting down and reading your blog post is their only means of support. Supporting what you’re doing doesn’t have to be actually ‘buying’ into the product, or content in this case, itself. So, of course, they support you and want you to keep doing what you’re doing, but if you’re writing a blog about things that they’re just not into, then why would you expect them to go and read it? They wouldn’t do it normally if they didn’t know you.

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The fact that they’re a friend or a family member is not enough.

It sounds harsh, but it’s 2017. People are incredibly busy and their attention, including yours is constantly being pulled out from loads of different directions.

Is the content that you’re giving them actually of any use to them? If not, then stop fretting! Your core focus should be on your real target audience. The strangers who are actually the kind of people that would like your content because it’s useful to them and they need it in their lives, not just because they know you and so therefore feel obliged to click through to your newest blog post. 

If you spend your time worrying about whether your friends and family are reading your blog or not, all that’s doing to you is giving you a false understanding of how many people actually like what you’re doing, and whether you have content that can compete in the market place. You could spend years of your life getting your blog ready for launch and on launch you get all of your family and friends to check out your new site, but not one single person outside of this circle. This gives you a completely false illusion of whether your product is actually good or not.

You feel me?


So how do you get them to whole-heartedly and honestly support you because your product is actually worth it?

You have to make it relevant to them just in the same way that you would tailor your marketing message to go out to people you don’t know. By making it super useful, super valuable and selling yourself or your product or your service as if they don’t know you, then they will come and support you.

Think of this. By nature it’s unlikely that many of them are going to be your target audience anyway. But, if they are and they’re not supporting you, then maybe you haven’t done a good enough job of selling it to them or you need to rethink your content a bit. This is the perfect opportunity to get some honest feedback and make improvements accordingly.

You need to get a real reading of whether the marketplace actually wants what you’re putting out there. If your friends and family are in the mixture supporting you just because you’re their friend or family, that’s not a business. You’re never going to be able to run a business based off of that. Okay, maybe initially it might help you get the ball rolling a little bit. But, that’s not something you can take to the bank. That’s just vanity metrics. People filling your head with air when it’s not actually helping you refine your product.

Of course, I only know this because I had to learn this the hard way. For years and years, I pushed people. “Come and buy my stuff. Come and buy my stuff. I can’t believe these people aren’t supporting me.” 

All that did is put out negative energy. Stay focused on who your target audience and making your my content relevant and valuable to their life.

It’s as easy as that.

S x




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