Why your Social Media sucks and 3 things to do about it

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We’re gearing up for the launch of our blogging and instagram strategy courses again in March, so I thought who better to come and explain why a social media strategy is so important than our very own content manager, Verity Hurd. Verity is great at being able to look at the bigger picture for a brand and how their social media can tie into not only brand building but bottom line too. In this post she’s sharing some tips and questions you should ask yourself before you start posting.

You should never go to battle before you have won the war on paper

It’s 2019 and we all feel we have a pretty good understanding of Social Media and how it works right?

What if I told you that I speak with many brands and people about their Social Media everyday and actually they feel lost and confused.

They know the power that Social Media marketing can have, hence why they have jumped on board. But they have a lack of understanding of how to do it right.

They ask me why they are not getting the followers or the engagement and why they feel they are spending hours invested into something that doesn’t get any traction.

99.9% of the time it comes down to the fact they don’t have a plan. They feel frustrated because they have not put pen to paper – they have not documented their strategy, the why, who and what of their Social Media game plan, which is absolutely necessary!

Without a plan in place, Social Media can feel overwhelming. There is probably no sense of purpose, or if there is it’s soon lost and forgotten about. I can almost guarantee that it’s these people that feel their Social Media efforts suck because they are not moving forward.

People often say:

  • I don’t know what I am trying to achieve
  • I don’t know who my audience is and how to reach them
  • I panic because I don’t know what to post most of the time
  • The content I do post doesn’t get the level of engagement and growth I think it deserves
  • I waste time because I get lost in the world of Social Media, spending hours on a platform but I feel I have achieved anything
  • I don’t know what tools and techniques to use that will specifically help me and my brand

This is because they have entered the front lines without a clear strategy. You wouldn’t take a long road trip without plotting your best route, and social media is the same!

A solid SM strategy will set out goals, ensure you stay consistent, help you tell your brand story in the right tone of voice, map out your audience personas, establish content formats, themes and topics, dig into what your competitors are doing and plan out the best way to use your platforms specifically for your brand.

And if you feel any of the above, then don’t worry. Like I said you are not alone!

I work with brands and we end up spending time working backwards to connect their Social Media strategy to their business strategy. Which ensures it works together and not in silo of each other. This is when the big results will happen. And if you are there, feeling the same way, then you have a chance to turn it around.

So what can you can do to ensure your Social Media doesn’t suck and you can feel clear and focused with your intentions?

Document your strategy, NOW! Do not think having this information in your head is enough, get it down, get it documented and get strategic.

3 things that make a good strategy….

  1. Connect your business goals to your Social Media objectives. Having a few Social Media objectives to start with is a common mistake. Brands will set goals such as raising likes, comments and shares. Which seems to make sense, but I mean, how much is that like, share or comment actually worth to your business? By only having Social Media objectives you are giving yourself a Social Media only perspective. Unless you connect these actions to your broader business goals ROI can be elusive.
  2. Knowing your audience is key and something that gets talked a lot about on NBBS. Your strategy should include 1-2 user persona’s. These should go into specific detail of who they are, what they do, habits, motivations. Where do they hang out online? Who are their online resources? What inspires them and what are their pain points/frustrations?
  3. A content plan should sit within your strategy. Now you know your objectives and the people you are targeting, you have to create content that this audience will value. Solve their problems. Deliver a message, inspire them, motivate them, create a lifestyle and culture for them. Your content needs to evoke emotion in some way. It needs to be engaging enough to draw action beyond a view. Your content plan will highlight the topics you need to talk about to do this, in what formats, when and where. It will cover the tools you should use to help you plan ahead. I mean, imagine, never running out content ideas again. That you have content planned in advanced and its creating more traction than ever before! Having this will make that happen!

A full strategy will cover more than these 3 areas. Yet, even if you only document these parts of it I guarantee you’ll have something solid.

It still amazes me that brands that have been around for years come to me with the struggles that they could resolve right from the beginning. But if you are struggling to link all this together it’s never too late to (re)start at the beginning.

So, reading this does it make you think you need a strategy down on paper, or are you happy with how things are going for your socials? Let us know in the comments!

In the meantime, you can check out the No Bull Business School instagram course – we open in March and if you sign up to the waiting list there will be some sneaky early bird discounts available 😉




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